About Me


image ©Richard Hanley


I am a 56 year old, Yorkshire born, Geordie (by adoption). I shoot mostly street fashion and some glamour. I also shoot erotica. I basically class myself as a portrait photographer. I am also passionate about shooting whats known as “Street photography”.

I do all this purely as a hobbyist. I do not earn any money from photography and I do not pay models to shoot either. While this means I miss out on some great models I would love to shoot, I simply cant justify the cost.

If you would like to collaborate any of my favoured styles then please contact me via the contact sheet on the front page of this blog.


***Please read below for any questions you may have***


Q.What style do you shoot?

A.I consider that the images I make are fashion/glamour, (including fetish, and some pin up). I also shoot erotica, but generally with people who are already in the ‘adult industry’.


Q.How much do you charge?

A.I do not charge you to shoot with me and I do not pay models either. I purely want to collaborate with you on ideas that you may have or if you fit my ideas.


Q.Do you have a studio?

A.I occasionally have studio days at Mayfield Studio in Newcastle city centre, and sometime I am able to get hold of cool locations like bars, tattoo studios etc, but I don’t have my own studio. I always prefer to shoot outside, no matter what the weather.


Q.I’m I good enough to model?

A.Anyone can model.  However I am looking for models with a fashion look who are very comfortable in front of a camera, and know how to model.  If I don’t want to shoot with you then please do not take that personally. It doesn’t mean you are not a good model, or beautiful, it just means you don’t have a look I want to shoot right now.


Q.I notice you have a lot of naked pictures on your site. Do I have to take my clothes off to shoot with you?

A.No of course not! I shoot more images of people dressed than I do naked but sometimes nudity is required for the shoot idea. Only you can decide what type of images you want to shoot.  If you are not comfortable showing flesh then you won’t have to.


Q. Will you shoot me in my steampunk/cosplay/Alice in Wonderland outfit?

A. Probably not. They are all great styles but just not what I like to shoot. I don’t like ‘themes’ as such.


Q. Will you make me look slimmer on the pictures?

A. No. I do not use photoshop. I do process my images but I use Lightroom. Yes of course I will remove that big spot on your nose, but if something is permanently part of you then it will show on the images. Be proud of who you are and what you look like. (If you need to change a lot about yourself after having images taken then maybe you should consider not doing it).


Q. I’ve missed my bus and I’m running an hour late.

A. If you are going to be more than thirty minutes late please let me know. If I don’t hear from you  then I wont be there when you arrive. If you contact me to tell me then I can decide whether to wait for you or not.


My shoots are always relaxed and fun, and there is always a coffee and food in it for you afterwards!